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About Us

ONEHUDRED ATHLETICのスタイルコンセプトは、本格的なトレーニングウェアであることはもとより、デイリーウェアとして人々が活動する場所で着やすく、機能的でスタイリッシュなスポーツアパレルとして、着ている人のモチベーションを刺激してどんなシーンでもパフォーマンスが向上するようなウェアを作り上げていきます。

"Styling extrudes Performance"
ONEHUNDRED ATHLETIC not only holds value to sum a "training wear". We are dedicated to enrich "Sports" wearable apparel and accessories, implementing significant synergy who seeks peak performance and improvement, together with essential approach to fashion.
Think for a moment on how numeric number's have emphasized our ways of living. "100" is a distinguished digit holding enchanting attribute, which led our perfection and a degree highlighting endurance.We christened our label to such concept, achieving to ignite performance in 100%, especially knowing the necessity of creating functional comfort to co-exist beyond "Ready-to-Wear" fashion pieces.

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